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The Wedding is a pious ceremony of the meeting of two souls. The essence of it lies in the dazzle of the BRIDE. The D-day look is what every bride looks upon. However, no matter how huge is the amount spent on it, it is just a beginning and with each proceeding day requires more and more effort to look “Newly Wedded”. Who doesn’t wish to be pampered as a “newbie” in this new social stage? Every eye is on her to witness  more and more such dazzle. So why not opt for something which is traditional yet alluring?


Yes, it is an all time favorite ornament of any Bride– “Bangles” but this time, not the “Glass Bangles” for sure, which are now old school stuff. The vast Indian cultural has bestowed us with the spectacular heritage of its- “Chooda” basically from Punjab. Initially, it was red and white bangles but now it is available with lots of designer options which is really in and has become the all-time favorite for all Indian Brides. It goes beyond the D-day and gives her the “Newly Wedded” charm for a year or so. Despite the tradition attached to it, the colors, designs and comfort of it are making brides going crazy for it.


The fact that Bangles are there in Indian traditions since the very beginning, it has emerged out as a modern choice of Today’s bride who seeks to get pampered, loves fashion yet has traditional sentiments.


So, how are you going to flaunt your “Newly Wedded” look?


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