Make-up tips for office: Yes you’re a Super Woman!!

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The deadly combination of ‘Beauty with Brains’ is so damn  fascinating but being one is the most difficult skill so far. The busy bee, who is handling plethora of duties at office and home at the same time marvelously, for us you’re a “Super Woman”- indeed!!

In spite of such load on these delicate shoulders, one can’t deny the importance of looking spectacular and maintaining the feminine charm all day long. It takes a lot of effort to actually look pleasing but here are some quick makeup tips for you to get a desired official look in few minutes:

  1.    Skin which shines the charm:

A hydrated skin leads to a glowing skin so always apply a good natural toner and a moisturiser after bathing. Avoid using a plaster of foundation on the face which can give you a ridiculous artificial look. Try out the “tinted” one available in the market.

  1.    Neck and face shouldn’t apart- Err’

You must have seen the makeup queens with disgusting wired colour of neck.-Err!!  So never forget to apply foundation on your neck as well. It should flaunt the way your face gleams.

  1.    Eyes speaks the confidence out:

Cat eye or glittery shadow is just a NO-NO to the office. Subtle brown or plum colour can do but surely No Cat Eye, please. Eyes in the office should look elegantly bold and yet effortless.

  1.    Lip colour matters the most

Glossy hot pink or cherry red can give you a Prom night gaze so try to get some matt  finish colours. It also shouldn’t be boring faints but try avoiding colours which will give a drooling facade.

  1.    Cheeks just can’t be cherry tomatoes

Applying blush on cheeks is just the favourite part of the makeup of many of the ladies but keep in mind while applying the blusher, overdo of pink or red can spoil your whole appearance. It has to be natural rosy colour applied in a minimal quantity.

If you’re worth the way you look, walk and talk you’re the one the world is waiting for!!

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